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Bandsaw Technology

With the acquisition of Braun-Canali band saw technology, we have completed our program and are now able to offer you, as a complete service provider, the full diversity of modern cutting technique. We will lead the first-class technology, known as Braun-Canali, to new applications.

The machine factory Gebr. Canali, Maschinenfabrik was founded in 1945 at Speyer, Germany. Through superior engineering and quality workmanship Canali became soon a leading bandsaw manufacturer worldwide. Well over 10,000 bandsaws were manufactured and commissioned over the years. From Patagonia to Malaysia, Canali machinery is operated in nearly every country in the world. Möhringer continue this great tradition, manufacturing and trading the Canali brand since 1999 with great success. The classic range of products has been broadened by implementing innovations for new applications and developments, i.e. thincutting bandsaws, loading systems, etc. Möhringer offer the complete range of sawing technology such as chipper/canter, circular, bandsaw and framesaw technology.


Additional processing steps like debarking and butt-end reducing can be easily controlled by the operator without influencing the sorting speed. The prepared logs are sorted according to diameter and quality classes and are then ready to be sawn.