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Flexistack – Industry 4.0

Fully automatic solution for picking of any desired material

Storage of workpieces of any size – whether vertically in a cantilever rack or horizontally in a storage area

Your advantages:

– Reduction of forklift and crane traffic
– Warehouse management allows quick and efficient access to the commissions
– Optimum formation of commissions (eg optimal package formation or according to customer requirements)

A 3D software calculates an optimal stack to the ideal packing density and the smallest gaps in terms to get the lengths.
In manual mode, the package can be modified at any time in the work preparation and customized.

Fully automatic solution for your palett store

Storage of workpieces in different dimensions with driving gantry vehicle – the gantry vehicle is conneted with the gantry robot.

Hereby the comissions are packed directly in the gantry vehicle. The single ways lapse and a lot of time can be saved.

For storage whole packages can be brought into the gantry vehicle. Then Flexistack cares for storage.

AutoJet Econo

Optimized commissioning

AutoJet Econo

Buffering and infeed

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AutoJet Econo

Flexistack panel storage with gantry vehicle

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