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 Frame saw-Technology

Möhringer – Technology leader in frame saw technology

The frame saw proved itself as a precise-working, highly productive and universal unit for cutting logs. This is especially true for small and medium-sized saw mills. Due to the automatic feeding, the frame saw is also interesting for large saw mills e.g. in the furniture and parquet flooring industry. Möhringer units are composed of a cost-efficient, modular building block system.

You can upgrade your unit with additional components at any time and without any effort. We are doing the exchange or assembly on site – fast and simple. Möhringer frame saws are very reliable in their functioning and are also very easy to maintain.

With a Möhringer Framesaw you benefit from more than 125 years of technological experience in Framesaw design, production, and operation.

We are market leader in the field of Framesaw technology because we up-date the design of our Framesaws by teaming up with our customers and the concept matches the various applications in Germany and abroad.

Modular system

In order to offer you a reliable and cost effective modular system Möhringer Framesaws are designed to use those components:

  • Easy extending with optional equipment at any time
  • Fast and economical exchange of all parts on site
  • Fast assembly and use of standardized parts creating short delivery lead time

Extensive series equipment

All Framesaw types have the following standard equipment:

  • Electric frequency-controlled feed speed
  • Independent electronic control for feed and overhang with numerous adjustment possibilities for an optimal rate between speed and overhang
  • PLC control with touch screen display for individual adjustment by client i.e. lubrication times
  • User-friendly menu navigation, does not require any PLC knowledge
  • Integrated counter for operation and service hour
  • Large CPU hardware: all software options can be upgraded
  • Hydraulic engaging and disengaging
  • Automatic overhang adjustment
  • Central lubrication system
  • Framesaw hydraulic
  • Complete set of foundation screws and special tools
  • Steel shaker chute
  • Single pulley drive

Easy & flexible expandable

Optionally available:

  • Logging: automatic logging of output per day, shift or customer demand, output of loggings on a memory stick
  • Automatic feed: optimized feed depending on diameter, number of saws and type of timber
  • Automatic rollers: automatic control of upper rollers
  • Fully-automatic system: in connection with Möhringer fast infeed as an automatic Framesaw operation
  • Steel roller inserts
  • Electrical width adjustment with 2-way or 4-way adjustment
  • Hydraulic engaging and disengaging
  • Hydraulic brake
  • Belt conveyor instead of shaker chute
  • Automatic feed control
  • Electronic sawing interruption

The rule for all our Framesaws:

Proven quality of Möhringer steel construction with 20 years of warranty against fracture of the frame

Cold stress-relieved ductile frames avoid fractures. Frame out of one single piece – without base plate – completely assembled in the factory generates fast installation on site and commisioning.


Frame saw examples of user applications

Construction timber

Construction timberIn a modern sawmill for construction timber, the time consuming change of blades can be saved by the use of our flexible framesaws. With the Auto-BV including 2 centre blades you can produce 2 variable products and even up to 4 variable products with our Multi-BV, thanks to the adjustment of several saw packs per push button or selection of cutting pattern. This enables you to optimise recovery in the side products, e.g. high valuable planks and frames instead of low valuable side boards. The ultra modern feeding of the framesaw with the Robocontrol in combination with the further developed riving knives with chain bed can even be operated as distant controlled production line, which is of course highly efficient.


ParquetMany parquet board producing sawmills worldwide have bene equipped with our highly efficient Framesaw lines. Especially in combination with the fast infeed system, a fast and effective feeding of the machine with full saw blade frame is guaranteed. Upon demand even fully automatic. Respecting the specific demands in hardwood, the robust framesaw technology with ultra modern electronic is a warranty for economical cutting. In combination with the riving knife with driven chain bed for the transport of short slabs, as well as the careful timber handling due to the special 90° turning device of the side products, this is the ideal sawing process for the production of parquet boards.


HardwoodThe robust framesaw technology enables the sawing of big diameter hardwood (for example for the production of helves), whereas the valuable log has to be oriented fast, efficiently and precisely. In combination with the fast infeed system or with a fully hydraulic log carriage and the extreme heavy duty riving knife with chain bed, the guidance of the biggest logs through the framesaw (equipped with full saw blades) can be guaranteed.

The modern riving knife transports the disturbing short slabs out of the sawing area. Also here, the 90° turning device lays the sawn products gently on the roller conveyor so that the high valuable products are not damaged.

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