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Products – Width adjustment

Width adjustment AUTO-BV

adjusting the saws at the push of a button

Higher rate of return:  time saving, flexibility and value adding result in a considerable annual profit at unchanged production capacity and personnel. Thus, investing in an Auto-BV amortises in a very short time.

Width adjustment MULTI-BV 2.0

Multiple width adjustment

The Multi-BV is the innovation from company Möhringer:

with more than 50 installed units, Multi-BV has proven its essential function for more flexibility and yield. The original – only by Möhringer!
Additionally to the two saw packages of the Auto-BV, two more individual saws can be positioned independently. This has decisive advantages:


Saves time and avoids errors


  • By means of the automatic preselection control, the saws are positioned rapidly
  • Two speed steps additionally accelerate the adjusting process
  • Even while one log is being cut, the next cutting programme can already be preselected.
  • The Auto-BV switches automatically as soon as the log has left the Framesaw.
  • The automatic adjusting process and the comfortable remote selection by abbreviated numbers relieve the operator considerably
  • Moreover, the electronic system allows for highest dimensional accuracy

More flexibility and customer orientation

Thanks to the four adjustable saw units, nearly any dimension with one to three different widths can be sawn without further adjustment of the saws. By adding 1 additional fixed centric saw blade, 1 to 4 variable widths are possible.

Creates flexibility


  • 250 programmes allow highest flexibility when choosing the cutting dimensions
  • Individual dimensions such as dry or planing measurements can be differenciated precisely
  • Numerous cutting combinations, which are set up systematically are preinstalled to facilitate the entry work

Increased value

The Multi-BV considerably adds value. The operator can concentrate on sawing high quality products that can be sold at a higher price – an activity that has been very time consuming up to now, since the saw packs had to be adjusted manually. Instead of fixed side board dimensions you can now gain side planks of high value and of various different dimensions.

Offers synergies


  • The intended data interface allows a linkage to the logyard, in order to take over the cutting programmes of the construction lists, for example
  • This offers you openness and expandability for the future.

Multi-BV 2.0: even better, even saver

The single saws are fixed with four clamping cylinders. The hanger for the saw blade cannot tilt and is always parallel to the saw packs. Highest dimensional accuracy is guaranteed.

Functional characteristics of Auto-BV

  • Clearly arranged operator panel for fetch and entry of the cutting programmes
  • Preselection of programmes

Additional functioning characteristics of the Multi-BV

  • Multi-Function-Terminal with display for indicating and programming of the sawing dimensions, 1000 stored programmes
  • Optional indication of riving knife position
  • Robust drive and fixing of the saw packs

For all Möhringer Framesaws , provided that frame and tensioner are checked.

Breitenverstellung AUTO-BV
Breitenverstellung MULTI-BV 2.0

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