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The new cutting technology from Möhringer

The rip line AUTOJET RIP is predestined for cutting of hardwood: high felxibility, gentle timber manipulation, precise chain guiding for glue joint cuts and unique seperation of slabs.

The AUTOJET RIP consists of 6 modular elements:

1. The precise laser measurement of the board shape

By means of precision lasers the board surface is measured from both sides to determine the available usable surface. Cracks can aslo be identified and considered. On demand it can also be combined with a full-surface scanner.

2. The board optimisation for ripping with projection of the cutting image

The new software was developed especially for ripping, giving the operator the possibility to intervene for quality reasons in the board optimisation. The computer automatically proposes the quantified best yield of the board, the cutting lines are projected immediately onto the fully aligned board. Now the operator is able to consider defects of the board surface and can change the cutting pattern by pushing a button:

Various optimizations are possible:

  • Edging with best yield
  • Resaw into individual widths
  • Separation of defects or core products
  • Resaw along the waney edge as a half-board and finishing cut in the 2nd passage

3. The soft and gentle alignment

The alignment table was developed especially for dry timber in order to align also cracked and crooked boards gently and fast to the ideal cutting line. A continuous chain bed guides the board perfectly longitudinal. The heavy-capacity table reaches a cycle time of 30 boards per minute.

4. The circular saw aggregate

Equipped with a chain bed in front and behind the circular saws, as well as with adjustable rubber rollers, the cutting aggregate guarantees a precise guiding of the sawn products with minimal pressure. 2 to 6 movable saw bushes ensure high flexibility and every possible cutting pattern combination. Feed speeds up to 240 m/min. and drive capacities up to 2 x 160 kW are possible. The saw aggregate is completely sound and dust insulated.

5. The unique separation system

Slabs are separated automatically from the good products without the disturbance of a riving knife. The products can additionally be separated into 3 different qualities during the same passage.

6. Automatic semi-board return

If required, a semi-board is automatically returned, measured and presented again to the operator, of course aligned at the correct wane and optimised according to yield.

Zuschnitttechnik Autojet Sägewerk
Zuschnitttechnik Autojet Sägewerk
Zuschnitttechnik Autojet Sägewerk

Cutting technology – Examples for Applications

Autojet RIP – Resawing of hardwood

In many hardwood producing and secondary processing companies, this machine is in use in the wetmill as well as in the drymill. Products from beech to oak and thermowood in thicknesses from 18 -100mm are cross cut according to their curve and then transversally passed on to the laser scanner. Without turning the timber, the board is scanned from top and bottom. According to the cutting programs, a cutting pattern is proposed and projected on the board with laser lines while the board is on the infeed table. The there positioned grader can judge the board visually and overrule the computer by using a joystick. In that way, the board is realigned and the saw heads are positioned accordingly. Thanks to the very fast communication between computer and laser technique with the grader, high piece counts with best value adding can be achieved.

Optionally this visual judgement by the grader can also be done with a surface scanner (Woodeye). All possible combinations with further cross cut saws, stacking units etc. can be worked out for you together with our engineers.


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