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 Chipper canter / profiling

High quality – High Value Chips


Where chip quality is at a premium the Chipper Heads can be fitted with Keyknife inner finishing knives. These produce chips rather than sawdust created by the utilisation of a circular finishing saw.


 State of the art scanning setting and control systems
Every log is scanned as it enters the system and the individual chipper heads and saws are automatically positioned to cut the timber to the pre-programmed cutting programme. They are positioned by means of a digital, hydraulically driven setting system, ensuring setting that is both precise and fast. The resultant cant is then recycled by the roundabout system and fed through the canter a second time to produce the finished product. The settings required for the second pass are stored by the system and the canter and saws set automatically. The system ensures not only that the yield is maximised for each log no matter what its diameter, but also allows the sawmiller to vary cutting patterns to meet the varying demands of his order books.

Processing long timber

Where long timbers are to be processed the system has two additions available. The fist which optimises yield is, the ability of the canter to “step” outwards as the timber passes through. This means that as the long log increases in diameter due to its normal taper the cutting pattern is in effect altered to take account ob this. The second is the installation of a “flying” cross cut between the canter and the saws. This crosscut not only allows the processing of long logs whilst keeping board lengths manageably short but as it operates whilst travelling at a speed synchronised with the log it does so without interrupting production.


Equipment options to meet every application
As standard, the system incorporates a twin, double arbour circular saw behind the canter. This is integrated with an automatic roundabout system to recycle the timber to produce the finished product. As an option particularly where kerf is required to be at a minimum, the canter system can be supplied with twin, or even quad bandsaws in place of the circular saw. In addition, the roundabout can be replaced by a second canter system producing the finished product in one single pass.



Chipper canter / profiling – Examples for Applications

Construction Timber

With the highly flexible chipper canter line AUTOCHIPPER logs of 2 – 14m with diameters from 100 – 650mm can be processed easily. A modern scanner measures the logs in 2D or 3D and optimises according to the desired product dimensions which you entered in the PC.

In this way an economic cutting with carrousel for smaller capacities up to 60.000m3 or with several lines behind each other for capacities of several 100.000m3 is possible. The chipper canter is here in combination with circular technology or Bandsaw technology as Twin or Quad – according to wish and execution.


Production of pallet boards

One of the most frequent applications with chipper canter – circular saw lines is the production of pallet timber. Big diameter logs as well as short log lengths can be produced economically in high quantities. A 3D scanner enables ideal log use in order to maximize the production of the various board widths and thicknesses
The flexible production line can operated with sorted logs or automatically adjusted from log to log.
Also here the required capacities from 60.000 – 300.000 m3 of logs can be achieved with either a carrousel concept or several chipper canter – circular saw lines behind each other. With appropriate mechanisation in combination with edger atomization and/or sorting technology a high production of pallet boards can be realized.


Chipper canter – profiling technology

Zur kostengünstigen Erzeugung, speziell in den schwächeren Holzbereichen von 100 – 400 mm dient die Spaner-Kreissägenprofiliertechnik, wobei hier wahlweise im Rundlauf oder mit mehreren Linien hintereinander gesetzt, gearbeitet werden kann.

Hierbei wird auf den herkömmlichen Besäumautomaten verzichtet und mit vier/acht Profilieraggregaten die Brettkontur am Stamm in vollem Vorschub erzeugt. Dies kann wahlweise für ein oder zwei Seitenbretter pro Seite des Stammes, je nach der durch die Optimierung vorgegebenen Stammausbeute, erfolgen. Dies stellt wahrscheinlich die wirtschaftlichste Lösung in der Erzeugung von z. B. Palettenschnittholz dar.

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