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 Ultra thincutting band saw


The CANALI Revolution sets new standards in the thincutting technology:

Wherever thin lamellas have to be produced using valuable raw material, the CANALI Revolution allows saving of material up to 30% compared to the conventional thincutting band saws.

An infeed system with vacuum fixation of the work pieces ensures an exact guiding during the sawing process and offers the same user comfort as a machine tool:

  • Automatic processing of production cycles.
  • Preselection of the cutting thickness and the cutting length.
  • Fast and secure clamping of the work pieces.

World novelty
Ultra thin kerf of 0.4 mm

A new patented sawing procedure with appropriate tools – in terms of a full package from a single source – makes this possible.

Besides a kerf of only 0.4 mm, a high precision cut and best surface quality are achieved.

The CANALI Revolution is predestined for the following product applications:

  • Pencil boards
  • Veneer
  • Musical instruments
  • Furniture
  • Parquet flooring

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