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iFrameSaw Steuerung

Intelligent frame saw control:

higher performance – lower consumption

The control of the iFRAMESAW offers various options which are expandable by modules.

Automatic feed control:

  •  Feed speed is controled depending on diameter, number of saws and type of timer
  • Easier work for operator
  • Consistent high cutting quality – no deviation of saw blades
  • 10 – 15 % higher yield in comparison to conventional Framesaws

Fully-automatic control:

  • Automatic log feed with fast-infeed system
  • Automatic feed and roller control
  • No operator necessary, only monitoring on the outfeed side

Fully-automatic control:

  •  Automatic logging of output per day, shift or paid cutting, output of loggings on a memory stick or a printer

Further details on Frame saw control:

iFrameSaw control
iFrameSaw control

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