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Bandsaw-Technology – FlexiDrive

FlexiDrive – The Universal log carriage for all applications

The log carriage FLEXIDRIVE is the specialist for soft- and hardwood: high flexibility, gentle log manipulation, precise cutting!

Optimal log fixation with adjustable clamping heads

Minimisation of cycle times and high flexibility – important for band saw cutting, which is often affected by considerable idle times. The FLEXIDRIVE offers a new dimension for the value optimised sawing:

Log Carriage Drive:

  • Cable winches with hydrostatic or electromechanical drives
  • Cable drum diameters 500, resp. 750 mm


  • Wheel and disc drive or movement through hydraulic servo-cylinder

The FLEXIDRIVE offers the following advantages:

  • The new designed clamping heads are positioned separately and precisely by a very fast servo adjustment.
  • The divided Canali carriage was developed consequently: each of the 3 clamping heads or more can be adjusted lengthwise, therefore every log length can be tensioned optimally
  • The hydraulic power pack is located stationary outside  of the carriage, therefore a weight saving and a higher carriage dynamic is achieved.
  • The log carriage is equipped with an energy-efficient drive which saves money at every carriage return by recovering the brake energy.


Flexidrive type Clamping head opening Clamping claw opening | Track width
1.000 1.000 mm 1.000 mm 1.370 mm
1.200 1.200 mm 1.000 mm 1.370 mm

V-Wender für große Stämme

V-turner for big logs

FLEXIDRIVE mit hydraulischen

FLEXIDRIVE with hydraulic
log turner

Each clamping head longitudinally movable

Each clamping head
longitudinally movable

präzise Fixierung bei großen

Precise fixation for longer logs

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