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Bandsaw – Technology – Resaws

Resaws – Vertical

Band resaws are supplied in vertical, horizontal and tilted version combined with various infeed and outfeed systems. Aside the standalone version multiple lines may be configurated, i.e. Twin, Triple and Quad.

Band resaw base

Our band resaw technology benefits from Canali‘s many years of experience of sawmills and planing mills. The machines are available with wheels from 1,100 up to 2,500 mm diameter and all come with a very robust frame. Wheels‘ width and drive capacity are defined according to the individual application.

Flexible modular design

  • Mostly identical parts are used for the different versions of vertical, horizontal and tilted version band resaws
  • Every size of band saw version is interchangeable with every infeed device
  • Every band resaw and infeed device is available as right-hand or left-hand design


Version and size of band resaws are individually configurated according to customer‘s needs considering the type of application and requirements to feeding and automatic separation of sawn timber resp. excess piece.

Infeeds device

  • For resaw, centre and diagonal cut
  • Roller height from 200 up to 500 mm
  • For up to 10 driven rollers
Trennbandsäge ML

Resaw ML


Infeed device


Diagonal cut


Resaw cut

Overview Resaws

Resaw ML Wheel Ø Wheel width Drive capacity
1.100 1.000 mm max. 120 mm 37 kW
1.250 1.250 mm max. 150 mm 45 kW
1.400 1.400 mm max. 160 mm 55 kW
1.400 1.400 mm max. 180 mm 75 kW
1.600 1.600 mm max. 240 mm 90 kW
1.800 1.800 mm max. 280 mm 110 kW

TB 1.100 Unimaster 2

The economic universal machine for processing of prismatic timber. If desired with diagonal sawing facilityie

Band resaw – Horizontal


Horizontal band saw

Schräggestellte Ausführung

Inclined execution for automatic separation

Horizontal version

Passage widths of up to 2,000 mm are available.

Separation of heavy timber, i.e.

  • Glued timber
  • Special applications: separation of:
    • Polystyrene,
    • Mineral fiber boards,
    • Plastics,
    • Cork boards,
    • Cardboards, etc.


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