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Bandsaw – Technology – Thincutting band saw

Thincutting band saw – Small saw kerf, high precision

Thincutting band saws are designed for highly precise production of high-value products, i.e. parquet lamellas, strips for floorboards, door components, saw-cut veener, pencil timber, parts for music instruments.

Dünnschnittbandsäge PRECISION CUT

Thincutting band saw PRECISION CUT

High precision sawing

Even thin products are sawn highly precise with a very small kerf.

This high precision cut is guaranteed by:

  • Precise sawblade tensioning and special crowning of the wheels
  • Innovative sawblade guiding
  • Adjustment of high precision infeed devices in steps of  1/100 mm


Minimal kerf

  • Saw kerf from only 1,2 up to 1,6 mm with cutting speed between 7 and 40 m/min (depending on type and humidity of timber and cutting width)
  • Economic consumption of raw material despite high feed speeds
  • Long saw blade life contributes to low running costs

Types Available

Thincutting band saws may be operated as a stand-alone unit with manual infeed. However, normally the feeding is done automatically and the timber is processed by several machines in line.

Technical Data

  • Max. timber height:             400 mm
  • Feed speed:                        7 till 40 m/min frequency controlled
  • Saw kerf:                             1,2 till 1,6 mm
  • Cutting tolerance:                +/-0,1 up to +/- 0,2 mm
 Referring to the corresponding distribution percentil (depending on cutting depth, type and humidity of timber)


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