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Bandsaw-Technology – Accessories

Log – Bandsaw – Technology – Accessories

Circular saw

Circular saw with automatic singularization of both half boards

Circular saws

  • For longitudinal cuts, horizontal direction
  • For cross cuts, vertical direction
  • For cross cuts, vertical direction and longitudinal cuts, horizontal direction (combined aggregat)
  • Automatic singularization of half boards
Chipper canter head

Möhringer Chipper head with chipping height up to 800 mm

Chipper canter head

  • Execution with long knives or as multiple knives head

Scoring circular saw

  • Scoring circular saw for cleaning of log surface along the cutting line of the band saw
  • Automatic control of height adjustment of pendulum and support
Automatic control of log carriage

Automatic control of log carriage 

Automatic control of log carriage

These operations are controlled automatically:

  • Forward and reverse movement of log carriage
  • Return to loading position
  • Automatic stop at turning points within cm-margine: in front or behind the band saw in front of chipper head and circular saw
  • Automatic feed control
  • Automatic drive of optimized cutting pattern
  • Automatic command for log turning: clamping heads are positioned automatically into ideal turning position, log turners are retracted automatically; it is made sure that the log is turned during return drive only
  • Automatic ejection of the last timber piece


Optionally available

  • Modem for remote maintenance and control
  • Interface to external PC
  • Interface to Optiline alignment
  • Automatic log alignment for sawing of tapered construction logs
  • Automatic log alignment (parallel to wane or symmetric)


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