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Log – Bandsaw – Technology

Positioning of machine base:


  • Band saw is fix
  • Band saw with base frame to position according to cutting thickness. Anadvantage for sawing large construction timber; the main product‘s edge is positioned at the zero-line and the side board thickness is obtained by the positioning of the bandsaw. Cross-cuts through several sideboards down to the main timber edge are possible.


  • First band saw is adjustable
  • Second band saw is fix
  •  Both band saws are adjustable
  • Cutting thickness of sideboards is defined by positioning of band saws:
    advantage during toolchange

Preferably the configuration of BBS.V-ML series are Tandem versions. By means of the cantilevered band saw roller bearings a distance between first and second bandsaw of only 90 mm is required.

Inclined by 17°

  • Gentle sliding of sawn  timber
  • Waney edge at the upper side
  • Fast alignment of the log

Forward and backward sawing

  • Increase of performance
  • Including full sawblade service upon request

Tensioning support

  • Hydraulic clamping movement with linear guiding
  • Large stroke (up to 600 mm) allows the use of blades with various lengths

Guiding of sawblade

  • Top and bottom as pressure guides, optionally automatic height adjustment
    of upper guide available
  • Fast change of guides
  • Master jig included for maintenance and precise adjustment of spare set

Sawblade tension equilibration pneumatic

  • Sawblade tension equilibration Precise setting and constant tensioning pressure, even with different
    sawblade thickness
  • Extremely short reaction time for adjustment of tensioning pressure upon
    peak tensions avoiding blade stress
Blockbandsäge Software

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